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Why us? Because time and time again we have satisfied all of our clients even the ones with the most unique tastes. Choosing a professional contractor can be quite a headache, it's usually the hardest part of a renovation. You can rest assured that we will be around for years to come. Take a look at our project management services to get a better understanding of what we can do to make your project become a reality.

Working Budget

We will establish a working budget by pre-tendering the project. We will only consult with subcontractor's for trades such as - Plumbing and Electrical but conduct all other needed trades within JSC.

Budget Review

We will review the budget with you to see if there are areas where savings can be made without jeopardizing the quality of the project or areas where upgrading is required.

Construction Schedule

We will establish a construction schedule and report to you regularly on our progress.

You will be required to make decisions on certain finishes and details, particularly manufactured items such as kitchens. We will of course be glad to give you the benefit of our experience to help you decide. You will have sufficient time to make decisions. However, we will inform you of the dates by which your input is required so as not to slow down the project.

Cash Flow Schedule

We will establish a cash flow schedule in the contract indicating the estimated funds required at various stages of the work. This will allow you to make your financial arrangements accordingly.

We will report to you on a regular basis on the funds spent.

Our experience has shown that savings can be negotiated in paying suppliers COD and also in paying sub-trades promptly. Of course we hold back 10% of subcontractor payments in accordance with the provisions of the Construction Lien Act.

Contract Preparation

All contracts are prepared by JSC.

Competitive Pricing

We constantly strive to provide competitive pricing by continuously checking competitors rates and attending local networking events.

Regular Weekly Meetings

We recommend regular weekly meetings at the site to review progress and co-ordinate your input with respect to decisions.

As we've said before we want to create a relationship with our clients. We want to make sure that you are as happy about your project as we are doing them and we are sure you will love the results for years to come. Visit our Testimonials page to hear what clients have to say about the service and craftsmanship that they received when they choose J Slavin Contracting as their contractor.

Trust J Slavin Contracting renovation services by going through our client's honest testimonials.

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We work on both residential and commercial buildings, offering a broad range of services. You'll love the convenience of having just one company that can complete your entire project.


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We work on both residential and commercial projects, offering a broad range of services. You'll love the convenience of having just one company that can complete your entire project.

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